Quality Certifications

The Port Authority of Cartagena has the Quality certification according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for the following traffics:

  • Containers
  • Solid bulks
  • General goods
  • Cruises

Quality Policy

The PORT AUTHORITY policy consists of providing our Clients at all times with the highest quality services for Container, Solid Bulk and General Goods Traffic and that they fit the present needs, trying to completely satisfy the expectations of each market.

The protection of our Clients' interests is the basis of the services for Container, Solid Bulk and General Goods Traffic.

The Quality in Container, Solid Bulk and General Goods traffic is a commitment of the PORT AUTHORITY, making it our duty to plan and attain a professional and trustworthy image, using the necessary means.

We intend to increase the Port competitiveness and use, as well as increase shipping.

This policy should be diffused by the Quality Headquarters to all the Units, Divisions and Departments of the PORT AUTHORITY, so that once it is understood, it is applied and kept up-dated by all the levels of the organisation.

Field of Activity

The Quality plan includes:

  • The Port services rendered directly by the Port Authority: Surveillance, Security and Police, Port area management, Berth Assignment, etc. We could name the internal quality plan of the company.
  • The port services rendered indirectly by the Port Authority (Pilotage, Towage, Mooring/Unmooring, Stowage, Water Service).
  • The services rendered by the Port or the port community in a broad way: Services not classified as such by law, but rendered in the Port to its clients (shipping agents, customs, inspections and samples, clearances, goods care, storage and port distribution, etc). This group would make up, along with the previous ones, the General Quality System of the Port.