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miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018


Cartagena, 28 February 2018.- The streets of the centre of Cartagena are filled with cruise passengers from the Norwegian Spirit, the cruise ship that starts the cruise ship season in the port city. Tourists have made a stopover in the city, attracted by the good weather and vast range of leisure and tourist activities offered to them.

The Norwegian Spirit is part of Norwegian Cruise Line fleet, from the United States and with a long trajectory in this type of trips. The ship, which was renovated in 2017 and is 268 metres long, docked at the cruise ship terminal with its 2000 passengers to enjoy a day of sun and activities in Cartagena. The route, which came from Málaga, will focus on the Spanish coasts and, after the stopover in our city, will dock in Alicante.

After the latest confirmations from the shipping companies of the cruise sector, the number of stopovers will equal those of last year, also having the same number of passengers, which are anticipated to reach the 235,000 of 2017. In recent years the Port Authority, due to important actions in infrastructure and trade, has positioned itself in 8th place in the national historical record ranking with an increase of more than 25%.

Passengers who disembarked today, have wanted to learn about the history of the city, the majority focusing their interest on the Roman theatre and the Castillo de la Concepción. All activities related to leisure have been possible thanks to the collaboration of businesses in the centre of Cartagena, which are part of the “Comercio Amigo de los Cruceros” initiative

Belonging to the group of 10 ports of Spain with the greatest number of cruise ships, Cartagena offers a multitude of activities and options to cruise passengers. With a 709 metre mooring line platform with a depth of 12 metres,  the Port of Cartagena can receive stopovers of today's largest vessels, so it can accommodate  two cruise ships of up to 330 metres in length at the same time.

The next arrival of a cruise ship is scheduled for 16 March, the season starts with the arrival of the cruise ship Oceana, and this will increase as the warmer months unfold, thus consolidating  the Port of Cartagena as a national reference for the reception of cruise ships.