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martes, 6 de marzo de 2018


The chairman of the Port Authority of Cartagena, Antonio Sevilla, and his counterpart in Qingdao (China), Zheng Minghui, have signed a statement of cooperation between them. This cooperation is based on existing good relations and will serve to increase the collaboration and the exchange of experiences in the sector.

In this way, both parties undertake to promote trade and navigation between the two ports. With this, there will be a significant improvement in the exchange of information and technological expertise, in addition to optimal business collaboration.  The nature of the agreement is based on a friendly cooperation, in which both institutions will continue to maintain their own powers.

The aim is to work on various subjects, such as the planning and development of ports, operation and management, excellence in the process and improved productivity. All this without forgetting sustainable development by sharing measures to reduce the carbon footprint and operate as a 'green ports'. The exchange of information that will take place between the two institutions, by means of statistics, industry reports, etc., will be key to achieving the intended objectives.

The port of Qingdao, located on the eastern coast of China, is one of the most active in the world, placed among the ten largest and its technological work is at the forefront as a global reference, due to it being a fully automated terminal. The rest of the world's ports are taking it as an example to follow in their future developments.

According to Sevilla, "digitization brings great logistical development with it because it allows there to be innovation in the processes that take place in the world of ports, both from a maritime point of view, as cargo management, and from the point of view of intermodality".

Relations of the Port of Cartagena with the Port of Qingdao in the short and medium term would be aimed, on the one hand at the digitization of the bulk cargo terminal in Escombreras, which is the first in Spain and through which over 33 million tons of bulk cargo passed last year and, on the other hand, to the logistical participation in Escombreras, of companies that are now working in Qingdao, in the knowledge that the good geographical position of Cartagena in the Mediterranean fits perfectly with China's strategy of the new Silk Road.

Furthermore, in the long term, Qingdao is offered the possibility to participate in the future container port in Cartagena.

This agreement is at an early stage and it will be future meetings and projects that will highlight the activities and decisions to be carried out. Thanks to these relations, Cartagena will have more opportunities in the Asian market in the wake of transnational projection that is being being sought from its port. 


Traffic with Asia

The traffic of the Port of Cartagena with Asian markets accounted for almost eight million tons of the total of 34.7 million tons that were moved the last year, a record figure that consolidated the port of Cartagena as the fourth most important in all Spain. China is now the sixth most important market within the Asian market, with a total of 187,321.94 tons exported and 188,828.91 imported.