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Cartagena, 13 May 2019.- The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands and Puertos del Estado organised the eighth internal legal conferences of the state-owned port system of Puertos del Estado, which took place on 9 and 10 April in Ibiza. The Advocate General of the State, Consuelo Castro Rey, along with the president of the Balearic ports, Joan Gual de Torrella, were responsible for presenting and opening the conference.

The Port Authority of Cartagena were present at these conferences, since Secretariat staff, as well as Management and Advocacy of the State attended to get to know the new developments on law and contracting in the port system.

Gual de Torrella welcomed the attendees, highlighting the opportunity of such meetings, which allow mutual knowledge to be shared between ports "with very different models". In turn, the Advocate General of the State has shown her appreciation for chairing the conferences, and she highlighted their great usefulness for all professionals working in collaboration between the ports and State Advocacy. In this sense, she pointed out that this meeting should be particularly mentioned due to the merits of the topics to be dealt with and the quality of the speakers.

At this annual meeting, coordinated by the deputy director of legal services of Puertos del Estado, José Antonio Morillo, over the two days the latest developments were discussed regarding law and contracting in the port system, the experience of the port authority in the implementation of electronic administration and contracting, as well as the rethinking of judicial control in the performance of the administration, among other issues.

The programme planned for these two days, which included the visit of its participants to the ports of Ibiza and La Savina, was completed with the intervention of prominent speakers and experts in the field of port law such as Daniel Sarmiento, lawyer from the Uría-Menéndez law firm, Mario Diaz Millán, technical deputy general secretary of the Ministry of Development, and Rafael Fernandez Valverde, magistrate of the Supreme Court and member of the General Council of the Judiciary, among other prominent professionals.

During the conferences of this 8th edition, representatives took part from the State Advocacy, Puertos del Estado, the port authorities of Avilés, Bilbao, Motril, Vigo, Castellón, Santander, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Gijón, Bahía de Algeciras, Ceuta, Tarragona, La Coruña, Alicante, Las Palmas, Cartagena, Valencia and Balearic Islands, as well as independent professionals.