Society and sustainable development need volunteers

On the occasion of celebrating International Day for Volunteering on 5 December we want to set up volunteering in the Port of Cartagena.

For this reason we are going to celebrate a day, aimed mainly at the workers of the Port Authority and Port but also everyone who wants can participate until we reach the limit for registrations established in 400 people.

We want to achieve the following objectives:

  • Become volunteers
  • Contribute to the environment by planting trees in Punta de Aguilones, inland area of Escombreras
  • Carry out a walk to get to know and show our relatives the place where we work
  • Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, including number 16 dedicated to promoting fair, peaceful and inclusive societies.


This day will be held on Sunday 1 December


10.30 am Arrival and collection of bibs

11.00 am Departure to carry out the route

                               Viewpoint towards Escombreras Island

                               Departure towards Punta de Aguilones

                               Return to the meeting point

12.30 pm Tree planting (indicate if you are interested in doing it by mailing

                               Signing of scrolls

                               Burial of the capsule with signed scrolls

                               Paella and beer whilst standing (tables and chairs are not provided)

                               End of the day


All those who wish to attend must register on the following link.


 Non-registration means not being able to participate in the activities.

It is essential for everyone to register, regardless of age, because registration entails being covered with the insurance contracted for it.


Also all those who want to become volunteers have to register at:


The activity is carried out jointly with La Caixa Foundation and its volunteers.



  • Volunteering contributes to creating a better society
  • Through volunteering, citizens broaden their basic knowledge and acquire a sense of responsibility.
  • Volunteering builds social cohesion and trust by promoting individual and collective action, with sustainable effects for people through people.


"Because of its diversity of roles and dynamism in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, volunteering deserves strong support from Governments and other stakeholders. On this International Day, I thank the volunteers for their efforts of not leaving anyone behind." -António Guterres, UN Secretary General

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