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Cartagena, 6 June 2019 - The ship Ventura with its more than 3,000 passengers, most of them British, arrived at the port of Cartagena in what is its second visit to the city. It arrived early in the morning from Gibraltar and will set sail for Marseilles in the middle of the afternoon. It has 4 stopovers planned throughout the year; the next will be in June, September and October.

The Ventura is owned by Carnival UK and is operated by P&O Cruises. The ship entered service in April 2008 and is one of the largest cruise ships built for the British market, with 116,017 tons, has a capacity for 3,600 passengers. It has fourteen decks, eight restaurants, six boutiques, five swimming pools and three show theatres, including the largest theatre on a British ship. It is intended to be family oriented and includes outdoor playgrounds and two family pools.

More than 15,000 passengers are expected on 10 ships in June.

The forecasts for 2019 are the best in the history of the port of Cartagena with 165 confirmed stopovers and 240,000 passengers, which represents a new record in both stopovers and passengers. This year we will be visited by 3 shipping companies and 17 ships for the first time.