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The Port announces its commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

Cartagena, 4 June 2019 - This morning the headquarters of the Port Authority of Cartagena hosted the conference "the role of Agenda 2030 in the construction of more sustainable ports", in which around fifty people were able to learn from Antonis Michail, coordinator of the World Port Sustainability Programme (WPSP), and Isabel Garro, special advisor to the High Commissioner for Agenda 2030, about the actions being carried out to comply with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).

According to the United Nations Organisation, sustainability is one of the most important challenges we face as a global society. For this, it establishes 17 Goals that indicate how we can continue towards a more sustainable development. The Port seeks to develop a sustainable economic model with the involvement of all the value elements of the port chain.

Sustainability is one of its main values since it includes many factors and situations that affect all areas of our lives on a daily basis. For this reason, the Port wants to know the concerns and perceptions of society in general and of its interest groups in particular.

In the development of the CSR Policy of the port of Cartagena, its strategy and objectives are being aligned around the new SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) launched by the UN with the mission of addressing all the major challenges facing the planet. The UN has identified 17 goals or challenges ranging from zero hunger and gender equality to achieving sustainable energy, climate action or decent work and economic growth.

The task of companies, institutions and citizens is to promote them and contribute to these goals through their daily activity; this is why those that directly affect port activity have been identified and specific actions have begun to be carried out.

 "We have been developing a social responsibility policy for many years, promoting our commitment to the environment and to people, and now we intend to advance this strategy by aligning our actions with the SDG launched by the United Nations. We want to work so that our activity helps to achieve a better society and to be a reference in the Port Community and in the region of Murcia, integrating the SDG into the port of Cartagena’s strategy and policy, which, without a doubt, will help to achieve a better society", explained José Mª Gómez, head of the Operations area.

Team work

The sustainability strategy in the Port has helped to implement actions in economic, social and environmental spheres that have undoubtedly improved its environment. Thus, for example, in recent years the quality of its waters has increased considerably, terrestrial and marine ecosystems have been recovered, and the port has been brought closer to the city with the construction of important infrastructures. All these actions have a direct impact on society and on the contribution of the SDG. As Isabel Garro has pointed out, who has committed herself to disseminating the work carried out in Cartagena "there is still a long way to go in Spain, but the Port of Cartagena is a pioneer in the implementation of the SDG and a clear example for the rest of the ports".

In this sense, the Port Authority has been developing both internal and external actions to identify and prioritize the SDG in which the Port of Cartagena has the greatest impact. Participatory dynamics have been developed with the Port's workers, as well as groups of students, in which analyses were undertaken on how it is possible to contribute to achieving the SDG thanks to the Port’s daily activity. Decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, alliances to achieve objectives and gender equality are some of the goals that appear to be most sensitive for the Port of Cartagena, without forgetting others such as action for the climate, the marine environment or health and welfare.

Work that has been valued by Antonis Michail as "the Port of Cartagena is a pioneer in the implementation of SDG in its activity and one of those that best addresses their impacts.

Future goals include promoting the commitment to sustainable development among the Port Community. "The responsibility of achieving the SDG belongs to everyone and from the Port of Cartagena we want to help involve our entire environment in this work of building a better society within our ultimate goal of becoming the most sustainable port in the Mediterranean," said Pedro Pablo Hernandez, vice president of APC.


Due to the celebration of World Environment Day, in addition to the conference, the "Cartagena submerged nature” exhibition was set up in Héroes de Cavite. There are 20 photographs, by Javier Murcia, included in the book "Un viaje submarino por el Puerto de Cartagena”(An underwater trip through the Port of Cartagena).

Its objective is to make known the work carried out by the Port to maintain its waters in optimal conditions and, within SDG No. 14 "Underwater Life", it has found it interesting to show in this selection all the wealth of fauna and flora that lives in the docks, in addition to contributing to the dissemination of its biological wealth.