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Cartagena, 22 June 2019.- This morning, the Punta de Aguilones trail was opened to pedestrians and cyclists, with the participation of more than 100 people, including workers from the Port Authority, representatives from different sports associations, such as the Mountaineering, Hiking and Cycling Federations.

The 6.8 km route (round trip) of average difficulty, on an asphalt track, has a 180 m drop. The aim of this project is to organise and equip a route with a great tradition for hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts, but which also makes it possible to improve the regional network of trails and, therefore, to promote public awareness of the conservation of the specific habitats of the area by promoting the knowledge and value of it. In addition to allowing an improvement to carry out works to protect this space, surveillance, management, etc.

This trail is an approved derivation of the GR 92 long-distance route, "The Mediterranean Sea route," which partially passes through the Natura 2000 protected "Sierra de la Fausilla” area, and which has the protection schemes of LIC and ZEPA.

The adaptation carried out by the Port Authority of Cartagena on this trail allows us to pass through natural spaces and access cultural and ethnographic elements of great importance such as the coastal batteries, which served as key elements in the defence of the Port of Cartagena and its naval base.

The trail runs through a reforested area after the expansion of the Escombreras dock and the reforestation that is currently being carried out, giving the opportunity to get to know the native species of the Sierra de la Fausilla such as the Cypress of Cartagena (endemic botanical species), Aleppo pine, peach palm, lavender, thyme, rosemary, yellow sea aster, etc..... In total there have been 8,600, including plants and trees.

It also allows you to enjoy impressive views of the Bay of Cartagena, Cabo Tiñoso-La Muela Regional Park, Escombreras Island and Las Palomas Island, know the two coastline batteries of "Aguilones" and "Conejos", which retain most of their buildings. One of them, the Aguilones Battery is catalogued as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).

This trail is part of the work that has been undertaken to regenerate the slope with the planting of trees and improve security and access.

The works have been undertaken in several points of the quarry on the 40 thousand square metres of expansion, with different machinery for the execution of roads and removing the black mesh. The works, which were awarded to the UTE Punta de Aguilones, formed by the companies Marco Obra Pública, S.A. and Marco Infraestructuras y Medio Ambiente, S.A.U. for an amount exceeding two million euros.

The director general of the Port Authority, Fermín Rol, has pointed out that these works "show the commitment that the Port has with its surroundings. Security is improved and at the same time a space that is very popular with the public is being prepared."