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Cartagena, 30 October 2019.- The Port Authority of Cartagena has awarded  the performance of three technical assistance services for a period of four years to the Alfatec Group. These projects will be developed during this period, which will launch the Port of Cartagena to optimise its technological infrastructures. Those projects are: The implementation of Electronic Administration, an integration platform for services (Dido Port) and a corporate data warehouse that allows the generation of Statistics and the latest generation Scorecards.

With this award, the Port Authority of Cartagena hopes to begin a path of innovation and digitalization that will place it as one of the 4.0 ports, which are called to be leaders in their sector.

María José Barahona, head of APC's planning and management area, does not hesitate to argue that "Our strategic map is firmly committed to optimizing services for our customers through the development of the Ports 4.0 concept".

Paloma Escudero, head of APC's innovation division, comments that "innovation reaches the port to be the lever that activates change and modernisation. The customer is the centre and for that we have to improve productivity and services. We will be able to give our customers the best attention through digitization and modernisation.

On the other hand, from the Alfatec Group, the project’s director, Salvador Gómez, states that "the implementation of structures and platforms that are interconnected in a bus and that modernize the port provoke and incite the optimization of resources and the improvement of the treatment to customers and suppliers".

Specifically, the assistance service to implement the electronic administration platform has been awarded for 524,800 euros and will focus on document and archive management, electronic files, registration of incoming and outgoing documents. Likewise, the development will act as an electronic bidding platform and as the electronic headquarters of the Port Authority of Cartagena, with possibilities of management and electronic processing of files, as well as electronic communication.

Assistance for the implementation of an integration platform (Dido Port) was awarded for 248,000 euros. It will allow interoperability with third party information systems (other administrations, etc.). The project includes the acquisition, support and maintenance of a corporate solution for the integration between applications, as well as software and licences.

In the assistance for the implementation of a corporate data warehouse, awarded for 237,246 euros, the aim is to integrate different existing data sources and obtain precise information, the acquisition, support and maintenance of a solution for a corporate information repository that includes software and licences; the preparation of predefined statistics and reports and the development of dashboards.

These three projects are the beginning of an Innovative Digitalization Programme that will make the Port of Cartagena a competitive port and leader in its field of development.