Cartagena, 3 July 2019 - Fernando Muñoz, Head of the Business Development Department of the Port Authority of Cartagena, this week took part in the General Assembly of the MEDPorts Association and in the forum organised by the Mediterranean ports association.

The MEDPorts General Assembly in Marseille brought together the 25 partners to deal with topical issues such as employment, smartports, trade, security, the environment and international relations. The Mediterranean ports forum was organised the next day.

The MedPorts Forum was attended by more than 80 professionals from 25 Mediterranean ports, experts and stakeholders with the aim of promoting intra-Mediterranean collaboration and strengthening their position in international maritime routes. In recent years, Marseille has become an obligatory stop to discuss the present, and above all the future, which may be in store for the Mediterranean countries.

In this edition, the issues discussed in the forum have been four points that have served to analyse the current situation addressing issues such as the circular economy, climate change and how it affects maritime transport, innovative and sustainable logistics solutions in ports. The Port Authority of Cartagena, represented by Fernando Muñoz, took the opportunity to make known the actions carried out in the port in terms of innovation and sustainability, emphasizing the collaboration of all agents of the port community, as well as the commitment to meet the objectives set out in Agenda 2030.

The MEDPorts association, which brings together twenty of the main ports and state port bodies in the Mediterranean, approved to include the Port Authority of Cartagena among its member partners at its General Assembly, held on 27 November 2018.

A unique feature of this organisation is that it is made up of Port Authorities and not countries, which allows it to have a purely technical nature to favour the development of ports and transport corridors with a Mediterranean impact, due to the importance that this type of infrastructure has for the development of the ports themselves and their respective cities and areas of influence.

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