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Cartagena, 14 May 2019.- Arriving from Almeria after passing through Malaga, this luxury cruise ship docked at the Cruise ship quay on its first visit to the port of Cartagena. The Crystal Esprit, from the Crystal Cruises shipping company, which specialises in luxury tourist trips, undertakes a 7 day cruise, under the name of Spanish Yachting Serenade, departing from Malaga and passing through Almeria, Cartagena, Valencia, Castellón and Barcelona, where this route will conclude next Saturday.

Classified as a yacht-cruise, the Crystal Esprit is part of a division that the Crystal Cruises shipping company has dedicated to this type of vessels; small and luxury boats that carry out exclusive itineraries by sea.

Regarded as a super luxury ship (passengers that board it will have to pay a minimum of 6,000 euros for the trip.) This large yacht offers four decks for passengers; some spaces are divided into two levels for cabins and two others for different lounges for leisure and gastronomy.

It has 31 cabins, to accommodate 62 passengers, made up of two types: "Owner" with 47.8 square metres and "Yacht Suites" with 22 and 26 square metres respectively. There is a main restaurant, the Yacht Club offering haute cuisine; this boat also has two alternative culinary areas plus a self-service open 24 hours a day.

With a swimming pool on its upper deck, the Crystal Esprit stands out for the great variety of nautical activities that can be carried out on board. Four large inflatable boats and various canoes and jet skis compete with a mini-submarine that, with a skipper, can take two people for 30 minute dives up to 300 metres deep.

Its construction began in 1989 at the German Flender shipyard and was completed in 1991; the Crystal Esprit has since sailed under the names Lady Diana, Aurora I and Megastar Taurus. With an 85 metre length, this large yacht with 91 crew members will set sail for Valencia this afternoon.

The other ship that has made up today's double stopover is the 'Britannia'. From P&O, it is one of the largest cruise ships to sail the waters of the Mediterranean and that comes into the port of Cartagena.

Arriving from Civitavecchia, it stops in the city with nearly 4,000 passengers, in the first of the four visits it plans to make this year. It will do so next June, twice in August and also in September.

During May 40,000 cruise passengers are expected on 26 ships, which together with the crews, will amount to more than 50,000 tourists in Cartagena in one of the months with the most activity.

The forecasts for 2019 are the best in the history of the port of Cartagena with 165 confirmed stopovers and 240,000 passengers, which represents a new record in both stopovers and passengers. This year we will be visited by 3 shipping companies and 17 ships for the first time.