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Cartagena, 26 September 2019.- Supply chain operations are very complex processes in which many participants are involved, both internally and externally, and in which almost incalculable volumes of data and documentation are managed.

After a detailed analysis of the processes, and with the initial objective of advancing in their digitalization, we identified a simple and limited sub-process with which to test and develop a pilot with blockchain technology: the process for nominations in logistics operations of the business of Lubricants, Asphalts and Specialties.

This process consists of the designation or "nomination" of those responsible for materialising the operation, which includes, among others, the supplier or refinery that will prepare the order, the person responsible for the transport, the supervising inspectors, the customs agents, etc. Each of them, based on their role and responsibilities, accepts, registers and validates the conditions of the operation on a shared platform.

We continue to advance to be a PORT 4.0.