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Cartagena, 23 July 2019 - The Port Authority of Cartagena has recently been named honorary member of ALIS, the Logistic Association for a Sustainable Intermodality. This is an association of businesses and ports at European level and its aim is to address all issues related to transport and logistics.

For Guido Grimaldi, president of the Association, "the internationalisation process of ALIS is continuing successfully. We increasingly represent a cluster of European dimension, which has the Port Authority of Cartagena among its ranks, an entity determined to be excellent in the development of transport and logistics with respect for the environment. So far there are 27 honorary members of ALIS, which include five Spanish Ports: Barcelona, Valencia, Sagunto, Cartagena and Bilbao.

"In Spain, after Barcelona and Valencia, in line with geographical continuity, continues Guido Grimaldi, Cartagena shares our strategies and our battles for a modern and efficient sector policy. Its sustainability strategy is in line with the European mandate for an adequate renewal process of maritime transport, having developed a comprehensive, safe and efficient supply chain of LNG as fuel for transport. With the five Spanish ports and the French port of Sète, together with the sixteen Italian authorities, our association today has twenty port realities which are committed to the ALIS cluster in order to reinforce the potentialities on a Euro-Mediterranean scale"

The Port of Cartagena is a port with a long history behind it. For centuries it has been a reference point in maritime transport in the Mediterranean, and today it is working to transform it into an innovative model, not only in infrastructures and new traffic, but also in the technological field. In recent years, the infrastructures of the port of Cartagena have turned it into a business opportunity for sectors such as tourism and commercial activities and have led to the consolidation of the industrial sector. Being competitive and innovative is its most immediate objective, as well as being an environmental reference in port activities.