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Bienvenida del presidente Antonio Sevilla Recio Welcome to the Port of Cartagena and to its website, where complete information about its facilities and the various activities that are carried out can be found.

The Port of Cartagena is a port with a long history behind it, a track record that has guided it through the centuries being a reference for shipping in the Mediterranean from antiquity to the present day.

Today this port is outstanding, vibrant and creative. We have become a leading port in terms of results, a port that is innovative, committed and effective. And all this, in addition to giving priority to quality, safety and respect for our social environment and the environment.

And with an exciting future. Aware of the intense activity that is carried out daily in our facilities, we are working on new challenges to be able to grow. A growth that is based on the efficacy of resources and the efficiency of the means. We have the capacity, potential and a great human team to achieve this.

Through this website we want to reach out to all those of you who are interested in our Port.

Welcome to the Port of Cartagena.


Antonio Sevilla Recio