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The Cruise Terminal is located in the inner harbour of Cartagena, on the outside of the Marina and next to the Yacht Club building. An ideal location due to its proximity to the city centre and with the cultural and leisure area of the dock; and due to its depth and ease of manoeuvre that can be attained in this area.

With a 709 metre mooring line platform with a depth of 12 metres, the Port of Cartagena can receive stopovers of today's largest vessels, so it can simultaneously accommodate stopovers of two cruise ships of up to 330 metres in length. It also provides an esplanade of more than 4,500 square metres and two dolphins to moor vessels. It also has a boarding terminal with a capacity to control 200 passengers with the necessary equipment: scanner, security arch, documentation control for borders and security.

It has parking for buses, taxi rank, information points, and all the necessary services so that tourists have a pleasant arrival to the city; it is connected with the Alfonso XII Dock by means of pedestrian and vehicle access.

The transformation that the Alfonso XII Dock has undergone in recent years has led it to become an important commercial, leisure and cultural reference of the city. On an underground parking located next to the sea, this area, dominated by the Carlos III Wall catalogued as an asset of Cultural Interest, has a commercial building, garden areas and a marina for sport boats.

In this same setting we find the headquarters of the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA), a project carried out by the Ministry of Culture, as well as the Auditorium and municipal Congress Centre. The building, of avant-garde architecture, was inaugurated in spring 2008, and opened its doors to the public in the month of November. It is located next to the cruise ship terminal, in one of the privileged areas of the city, which allows passengers to access its historical heritage.

This port area will be complemented with the Auditorium and municipal Congress Centre, located on the Alfonso XII Dock next to the ARQUA Museum.

Cultural and heritage offer

The APC is part of the Cartagena consortium, Port of Cultures (link) whose objective is to place value on the city’s rich heritage.

Among the various tourist attractions that make Cartagena an exceptional destination are:

  • The Interpretation Centre of Castillo de la Concepción.
  • Interpretation Centre of the Muralla Púnica.
  • The Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum.
  • The Roman Forum Neighbourhood of El Molinete.
  • Other archaeological findings of Augusteum, Casa de la Fortuna and Decumano.
  • Civil War Refuge-Museum.
  • Navidad Fort.
  • Panoramic lift to Torres Park.
  • Tourist boat and bus.
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