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RSC Goals

The SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals) promoted by United Nations are positioning themselves as a differentiating element in organizations committed to their environment. APC cannot renounce incorporating them into its management, and more so taking into account the new culture of acquired responsible sustainability.

In recent years, APC has evolved to develop a new organizational culture in a more responsible manner. This is a constantly evolving process, so that at any moment one can reflect on what has been done and how to improve it, so that the construction of the CSR culture is in line with the SDGS. Focusing efforts on those objectives linked to our value chain.





Develop a port business model designed to combine economic growth, environmental sustainability and social responsibility, with the involvement of all elements of the value chain of the port community.

Staying alert and responding to the needs, acquired commitments and demands of the community with new, dynamic points of view; as a way to build a solid reputation and a stable commitment with the environment. Moving values and CSR initiatives to the daily management of the port activity.

Establish a responsible policy that allows permanent and fluid dialogue, favoring integration with the port community. To be accessible and transparent in all matters that are relevant to the community, also fostering and promoting initiatives to be developed with third parties.



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