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Cartagena, 19 December 2019 - After taking office last Tuesday as president of the Port Authority of Cartagena, Yolanda Muñoz, as announced, wanted to start her round of contacts with the port community with the shipping companies.

Today she held a working meeting, accompanied by the General Manager, Fermín Rol, and the Operations Area Manager, José Mª Gómez, with the top representatives of the companies most directly involved in the port’s daily activity: Ership, Daniel Gómez Servicios Portuarios, Agencia Marítima Blázquez, Erhardt Mediterraneo S.L., Bergé Marítima, Vicente Serrat Andreu S.A., Alfaship Viking Internacional S.L., Cartagena Marítima SA, Miller y CÏA, Romeo y CÍA, Transmar Ship and Forwarding Agency and Containerships CMA, which are among other companies, responsible for the continued growth of the Port and generate jobs and wealth for Cartagena and the Region.

"Up to November, almost 35 million tons of goods have moved through our docks (including more than 600,000 heads of live cattle), and that means more people are working thanks to the activity generated by the Port," said President Yolanda Muñoz.

The lines of work proposed by Muñoz for the institution are focused on continuing the work developed and working especially on generating synergies with the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, the logistics nodes and other means of transport, as well as with the off-shore industry, without forgetting the sustainability of digitalization, so she has taken advantage of the occasion. "The new container terminal and the connection of the port with the ZAL and the Mediterranean Corridor are the priorities I have set myself so that the companies established in the Port have more competitive advantages for the exchange of goods," Muñoz pointed out to the businessmen.

In addition they had the opportunity to exchange opinions, collect proposals and suggestions, and comment on some aspects of port operations, capturing and consolidating traffic, innovation, etc....

They discussed the future objectives and challenges facing the Port for over an hour and the companies expressed their concerns for the development of the Port of Cartagena to the President, and have reiterated their support and encouragement in the responsibility she has assumed.

Muñoz thanked the parties for their attendance, interest and participation in the meeting and undertook to maintain quarterly contacts with the entire Port Community, and with the docking, shipping and port services companies in particular, maintaining the general line of action of this Port Authority.