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Funciones de la Autoridad Portuaria


  • To provide general services, manage and control port services so that they are undertaken in the best conditions of efficiency, economy, productivity and security, without prejudice to the competence of other bodies.
  • To organize the port service area and port uses.
  • To plan, construct, conserve and exploit infrastructures required to carry out the activity;
  • To manage the port public domain and the maritime signals.
  • To optimize economic management and profitability of its assets.
  • To promote industrial and commercial activities related to port or maritime traffic.
  • To coordinate the operations of the various modes of transport in the port area.
  • To organize and coordinate port traffic, both maritime and land.
  • To approve the tariffs of the commercial services that are provided, as well as proceed to their implementation and collection.
  • To collect fees for concessions and authorizations granted, monitoring compliance with the terms and conditions laid down.
  • The development of studies and research, as well as the training of its staff, on matters related to the port activity and protection of the environment.


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