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 Welcome to the Port of Cartagena and its website.


In recent years, our facilities have become a huge window of opportunity for sectors such as tourism and commercial activities and have led to the consolidation of the industrial sector, which makes us the fourth port for the movement of traffic and the first in profitability. But our challenge goes beyond that.

Being competitive and innovative is our objective, together with being an environmental reference in port activity. The path has been laid out and now it is up to us to reach the goal, giving priority to quality, safety and respect for our environment.

The Port of Cartagena is a port with a long history behind it, a track record that has guided it through the centuries being a reference for shipping in the Mediterranean from antiquity to the present day, and my commitment is to turn it into an innovative model, not only of infrastructures and new traffic, but also in the technological field. We have the capacity, potential and a great human team to achieve this.

Through this page you have the opportunity to make enquiries about news, projects, publications, moorings, traffic and everything related to port activities with a more convenient and intuitive browsing. Here you can find complete information about its docks and the various activities that take place here.


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