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The Port of Cartagena is made up from two separate and independent inner harbours: the one of Cartagena and that of Escombreras. They have a distance from each other of 1.5 miles by sea and 5 km by road. We refer to each one of them separately:

  • Cartagena Inner Harbour:

The service area of the inner harbour is located to the south of the city’s urban area, with the Military Arsenal Inner Harbour and the NAVANTIA Shipyard to the N.W. and Santa Lucia District to the N.E.. The service road from the docks of the Inner Harbour of Cartagena starts in esplanade 0. of the Curra dock. From this road there are access to the fenced area of the Alfonso XII Dock, to the Port Authority’s workshops, to the docks of Santa Lucia and San Pedro and Curra dock.

  • Escombreras Inner Harbour:

The Port's service road goes up to the entrance of the oil terminal, with roads within the
docks with restricted traffic for security reasons. There is also an access branch to
Príncipe Felipe and Isaac Peral docks and the Enagás terminal.


  • Cartagena Inner Harbour:

The Madrid - Cartagena line ends in Cartagena. The train terminal is to the N.E. of Cartagena Inner Harbour, being linked to it by an access ramp, so it can be entered by Santa Lucia and San Pedro docks.

  • Escombreras Inner Harbour:

The Port’s facilities are linked to the Madrid - Cartagena line via a normal gauge track, with a branch towards the Prince Felipe and Isaac Peral docks.



  • Cartagena Inner Harbour:

The two main roads that arrive at Cartagena are the motorway A-30 Madrid - Albacete - Murcia - Cartagena and the N-332 that comes from Andalusia via the West and continues with the AP-7 toll road Cartagena - Alicante in an Eastern direction. The main artery which goes towards Murcia, is a motorway that  connects with that of Alicante - Murcia - Puerto Lumbreras, which joins with the one of Andalusia. This motorway goes into Cartagena
by two accesses, one for the city and the other by Santa Lucia directly to the port via the CT-33. This Port exit is linked with another exit from the Escombreras inner harbour, so that all goods can be directly removed without going into the city.
In the West there is a link to the Murcia- Andalusia motorway through the Cartagena Road ? Fuente Alamo - Alhama, in better conditions than the one that goes along the coast through Mazarrón.


  • Escombreras Inner Harbour:

The connection of this inner harbour with that of Cartagena is carried out through the coastal service road, owned by the Port Authority. Following the road CT-34 of Escombreras - Alumbres this links to the motorways that leave the Port and Cartagena.


The area of influence of the Port is crossed by the Madrid - Valencia - Alicante - Cartagena line. The port area
is linked by rail to that of RENFE using a normal gauge track. In addition, there is the narrow gauge railway from Cartagena to Los Nietos in the Mar Menor, which links Sierra Minera with Cartagena without connection with the Port.



  • Cartagena Inner Harbour:

There are none in the inner harbour of Cartagena.

  • Escombreras Inner Harbour:

Between the docks of Escombreras inner harbour and REPSOL OIL facilities there are the following pipelines: one of 60" with capacity of 10,500t./h. and another 24" one of 1,800 t/h. for the pumping of crude oil up to the storage tanks; four for the loading of fuel - oil of 10", 12", 16" and 16" with a capacity of 500 to 700 t./ h. each; two for diesel of 12" and 500 T/ h.; two for petrol of 10" and 12" and 400 t/ h. capacity each and two 6" for oil and 120 t/ h. each.

For the loading and unloading of liquefied gas (butane and propane) there is a 6" pipeline with capacity of 80 t./h. and a 3" pipeline for gas return.

For the unloading of natural gas to the ENAGÁS plant there is a 20" pipeline and LNG capacity of 2,000 t/h. A 20" pipeline with a GNG capacity of 45,000 m2/h starts from the ENAGAS plant. Terliq: Pipe rack composed of two 10” pipelines for hydrocarbons. Saras Energía, S.A.: Pipeline bundle rack: hydrocarbon storage plant, composed of 12" pipelines for diesel and a 10" pipeline for petrol. Pipeline bundle rack for interconnection between the Biodiesel Plant and the loading/unloading arms in the Maese Dock, composed of a line of 8? Pipeline for biodiesel, and an 8? pipeline for oil, a 2? One for methanol, one of 3? For washing water and one of 6? for firefighting water. Felguera IHI, S.A.: Loading pipeline - hydrocarbon storage plant, of 14" for diesel fuel. Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos, S.A.: Two existing pipelines and the Southeast mooring and Pontoon. Compañía de Gas Licuado Zaragoza, S.A.:  a 16" link pipeline between the facility and the southeast mooring.


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