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There are several ways to get to know the Port of Cartagena, a simple and convenient way is the virtual tour that this website offers you (link), where you can see aerial and ground images and find all the information of interest of our inner harbours, docks, and facilities.

Following us on social networks, Facebook, Twiter, You Tube, you can also know many aspects and details that we make available to our followers.

Another possibility are the pre-arranged guided tours (didactic and institutional), which are requested by different groups: Universities, Institutes, Colleges, Training Centres, Companies, Associations, Federations, Groups, etc…, where we offer our visitors a few explanations of our activity on a giant scale model, a video is screened and depending on the time available some docks can be visited and see port operations live.

The visit request form is done by accessing Customer Service in this enlace. Please indicate as a reason "Application for a visit" and fill in the required information.

All requests shall be answered to arrange the visit and complete the necessary paperwork.

And as a last option, if you are strolling through the Port, from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., in the Old Regatta Club, we have Representation and Customer Service building for visitors, which if not occupied by visits or closed to the public due to an event, and if there are staff who can assist you, will have its doors open for those who want to come and look at our model.

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