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The President of the Port Authority of Cartagena and the Mayoress hold their first institutional meeting

Cartagena, 23 December 2019.- Yolanda Muñoz met this morning with the Mayoress of the city after taking office as President of the Port Authority of Cartagena. She wanted her first institutional visit to be with the administration closest to the citizens and along the lines indicated in her speech.


During the course of the meeting, the integration of the City-Port was discussed. "The Port should be a scenario of coexistence and integration with the city," said Muñoz, "turning its spaces into a great Plaza Mayor of Cartagena with new urban uses, where both citizens and tourists can enjoy themselves, so it is essential to have "a common point of view between both institutions for the model of city we want for Cartagena, since the understanding between both is vital for its development.


The president announced that the project for the Plaza Mayor has already been commissioned, within the framework of absolute collaboration with Cartagena Town Council, "an idea centred on coexistence and integration to centralise cultural, sporting, leisure and entertainment life, with more open and accessible spaces, in short, a global study of ideas with the participation of citizens".


Work is currently being undertaken on the Alfonso XII seafront with the aim of recovering this area as a space for the enjoyment of citizens, making it a cultural and leisure reference. The action, with a budget of more than €2 million, includes the replacement of street lights, there are 16 different types, with other more homogeneous and efficient ones; the change of street furniture and gardening.


The president recalled the investment made in recent years in the city in various actions such as the adaptation of the urban environment of Santa Lucia, from the Plaza de la Isla to the roundabout to Curra, with the aim of improving safety in traffic on this road, and its integration into the urban fabric, giving this area a more urban and less port character, beautifying the entrance to the city and that has already become a reference for walking and sport.


Another topic discussed at the meeting was the purchase of land where the Bonded warehouse and the Transport Centres are located for subsequent transfer to the ZAL of Los Camachos. Muñoz recalled that the Port Authority has available the €2.5 million to carry out the operation since January this year. "I trust that once the Town Council has agreed to transfer the right established in the agreement on the land to the new land, the operation can be carried out. The businessmen of Cartagena demand it and it is up to us to provide them with the best possible infrastructure to develop their activity".


The Port Authority would not proceed with the occupation of the current land of Santa Lucía by the City for the transport centre and bonded warehouse until the construction and commissioning of the new Los Camachos ZAL facilities is completed, and therefore the activity in Santa Lucía can continue until the transfer is effective. The amount indicated must be destined for the purchase of land and actions to be defined in the ZAL of Los Camachos in order to be able to move there and expand the current transport and bonded warehouse facilities in the city.