The Port of Cartagena consists of two individual commercial harbours, Cartagena and Escombreras, which combine to offer services and infrastructures that cover all of the logistic requirements of modern companies. 

Regular lines and direct connections with the main destinations via motorway and the main road networks, as well as the Spanish train system and furthermore, the numerous installations of pipes of diverse calibre and capacity, make the Port of Cartagena a high-level logistic enclave at the service of business development.

More information on location, access and other data in the service guide

More information on location, access and physical data in the service guide

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One port, all of Spain


The Juan Sebastian de Elcano terminal is host to an increasing number of cruise ships, coming from the majority of those shipping companies which include the Mediterranean in their itinerary. The services of quality and infrastructure on site at the Cruise Terminal provide easy access to the port facilities as well as the town centre for both the ships and passengers. 

Highest level security makes the Port of Cartagena a favourite stopover for cruise ships. 

Professionals in the sector highlight the attractiveness of this three-thousand-year-old city, as well as the good climate, the wide range of gastronomy, leisure, sport, cultural and social activities which the tourist can find in the port area throughout the year.    




The General Merchandise Terminal at the San Pedro pier offers high-efficiency services for different types of non-containerized merchandise

The wharf where conventional general merchandise operates, which may require special conditions and transport, highlights the good infrastructure that allows the best conditions for optimal operation. In addition, within the port area we have special surfaces to facilitate storage and handling


The General Merchandise Terminal offers other services such as Ro-Ro berthing for trucks, supplies for ships, etc.

The best professionals in the transport of livestock

Livestock Terminal

The Port of Cartagena was the first to be granted the specific regulations and authorization for this type of transport. The animals arrive by truck from all over Spain and the exporters have destinations all along the Mediterranean shores.  

The Port Authority of Cartagena has facilities and means which are regulated by the European Union Animal Welfare laws. From the point of origin to boarding, the cleanliness and disinfection of the trucks, the density of the cargo, and the maximum stay times are respected. Thanks to these measures and the cooperation between organisations, the Port of Cartagena is an example of quality in this type of traffic.  



Bulk liquids

Cartagena is the top Spanish port for industrial traffic. The Escombreras Basin is home to the transport of bulk solids and liquids and is consolidated as the ideal location for industrial enterprises, with infrastructures designed for the receipt of raw materials and the shipping of finished products.

The variety of logistic options for loading and unloading, its proximity to the city of Cartagena and its accessibility make the Port of Cartagena the top specialist in the storage of bulk liquids in the southeast of Spain.  




At the Príncipe Felipe, Isaac Peral, Polivalente and Sur Dársena de Escombreras Docks, there are a variety of berthing fronts to provide service in the different Solid Bulk Terminals, as well as Ro-Ro facilities for loading and unloading road traffic. Connected to the Spanish railway network.

The quality facilities are varied, with large surfaces, mobile cranes, scales, conveyor belts, storage areas, uncovered storage areas and closed warehouses, etc.

Large structures and heavy cargo

Cargo project Terminal

The movement of large structures or heavy or bulky cargo is carried out on the Multipurpose Quay of Escombreras. These are complex logistic operations which require the consolidated experience and expertise of loading and unloading with resources and infrastructures to cover the specific needs for each handling. 

The Port of Cartagena has become an ally to companies, both commercially and as a logistics operator, offering bespoke solutions suited to the port precinct, in order to provide successful results thanks to its unique conditions. 


Repair and maintenance of large vessels and oil platforms

Offshore Terminal

The Offshore Terminal can be found on the Southeast Dock, in an area of calm waters with a depth of more than twenty metres. The Port Authority of Cartagena has a specialized wharf for long-stay vessels and oil platforms. Our competitive prices reduce the logistic costs of operators and are currently positioning the Port of Cartagena as a unique enclave in the Mediterranean in this sector.

Cartagena is an established industrial terminal in Spain, with companies specializing in naval construction and an efficient auxiliary company. It also counts on the support of qualified university training and Professional Training institutes, which make the Region of Murcia a model for this type of specialised activity. 


Escombreras Valley


Escombreras Valley in the Port of Cartagena is a key port in the Spanish South East and one of the natural entrances to Europe. Escombreras Harbour is where the main traffic of bulk liquids and solids is located.  

The Concessions are governed by the Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011 (articles 81 to 95). In these articles, it is established that the occupation of the public domain of the port is subject to prior concession granted by the Port Authority.  




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