During 2017, the APC has made an effort to develop a new innovative model based on digital transformation as a lever for change in the traditional way of managing the organisation’s different activities.

An Innovation Ecosystem is necessary in order to undertake this transformation; a map of processes has been drawn up covering both the set of operational processes (value chain) and the support processes made up from the agents that influence us, as well as an audit of the information systems, since they are the core element of this change process.

The APC reviewed its digital strategy to remodel the Computer System scenario with the following features;

  • Integrated and with single repository.
  • Scalable
  • Open
  • Integrable
The Innovation Division’s objectives are Digital Transformation, Paradigm Change, Resource optimization, Process efficiency and Cost reduction. Work is being undertaken to develop a series of base solutions that have been consulted, advised and/or proposed by all parts of the organisation in order to achieve these objectives.


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